Your Ultimate Success Quotation Library

Your Ultimate Success Quotation Library

A free collection of 54,000+ inspirational quotes that you can easily update
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Your Ultimate Success Quotation Library is a simple and easy-to-use application that consists of a database with over 54,000 inspirational quotes and their respective authors. It allows you to add new quotes and edit or delete the existing ones. You can also rank any quote and create a quote list to be printed thanks to its "Print Center".

The program’s download and installation process may turn out to be a bit complicated and confusing, though. First of all, the developer's website does not offer you a direct download link. You have to register and confirm your e-mail address to receive it. Then, after you install the program you are asked to provide a username and a registration code for the program to run. This program appears to have been a commercial software tool before, but it is now distributed as a free application – the developer provides you with a unique username and code pair so that you can use it freely. However, you can obtain a personalized username by making a donation starting at $5,00. Finally, the program requires you to have installed in your system a couple of specific libraries to run, which are part of the C++ runtime environment. They are not installed by the program installer, so if you still don't have them, you have to add them to your system by yourself.

This program shows a modest user interface where you can manage your quotes using four tabs. On the "Quotation Center" tab you can see the whole list of quotes in a squared panel. There, the author and subject for each quote are displayed. You can click on any quote and have it displayed in a bigger font at the bottom of the screen. The author's website URL is also displayed when available.

The "Search Center" tab, on the other hand, allows you to visualize a subset of quotes only. You can filter them by the quotation itself, the author, or the subject. The "Favorite Quotations" tab allows you to keep record of the quotes you have liked the most. Finally, the "Print Center" tab allows you to see a list of the quotes you have previously selected for printing. From here you can either ask for a preview or send the list to the printer directly.

On the top of the window, there is also a toolbar that allows you to perform various operations quickly. From here you can add a new quotation, or edit and delete an existing one. You can also copy the selected quote to the clipboard, empty the Print Center, or clear your favorite quotation list. Besides that, you can also open the Search popup window to locate a specific quote quickly. And finally, you are allowed to rate any of the quotes and – optionally – send your rate to the developer’s site.

To sum up, Your Ultimate Success Quotation Library is a very interesting tool that gives you an access to some of the most brilliant deductions as expressed by some of the most outstanding thinkers of all times for free. It is up to you to apply them to your daily life now.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to add new quotes
  • It is capable of finding a particular quote quickly
  • Keeps record of your favorite quotes
  • Allows you to rank the quotes
  • Allows you to create a quote list to print


  • Complex downloading and installation process
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